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Shadow Graphics: Facts

Shadow Graphics is a Large Format Printing Company
Vehicle Wraps • Signs • Banners • Trade show Displays
Specializing in Vehicle Wraps for Over 16 years


• Not only do we print and install vehicle wraps here at Shadow Graphics; we also have a top notch design team that specializes designing vehicle wraps, signs and banners.

• We are the only 3M UASG Certified installer in Orlando that also designs and prints our vehicle wraps, signs and banners in-house.

• Our vehicle wrap designers are professionals that know how to design with every curve and obstacle in mind, making sure your vehicle wrap looks exactly like the design you approved.


• Shadow Graphics' vehicle wraps, signs and banners are printed with two different printers. One offering a 3M GX Solvent Inks and the other offering Eco-Solvent Ink.

• The Eco-Solvent inks are eco-friendly and make our vehicle wraps uv durable. The 3M GX Solvent Inks offer the 3M MCS warranty.

• Our vehicle wraps, signs and banners are printed in a climate controlled room to ensure color and quality consistency.

• Our vehicle wraps are print at a 720x720 dpi. We recommend that all of the artwork for vehicle wraps be at 100 dpi or higher for a clean, crisp photo quality image.

• Our printers offer you the best in quality and best in warranty.

• We also add an over laminate to keep the vehicle wraps and signs from being scratched.

• The over laminate on our vehicle wraps and signs can be luster, gloss or matte.


• Shadow Graphics has 3M certified vehicle wrap installers.

• Shadow Graphics' installers go through rigorous training with 3M ( the leading manufacturer of vehicle wrap and sign media) and are UASG members.

• Shadow Graphics is also a certified PDAA Master Vehicle Wrap Installer.

• This means our vehicle wrap installers are trained to handle the complex curves of a PT Cruiser and install a 1800 square foot wall mural at 350 ft in the air on a NASA Launch tower.

• Shadow Graphics has a climate controlled bay to prevent environmental factors like rain and heat from affecting the vehicle wrap installation.

More About Vehicle Wraps

• Our vehicle wraps last up to 7 years.

• Vehicle Wraps are a great way to promote a brand, an event, and direct people to your website.

• Vehicle Wraps are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise, making 16 million impressions per year in a metro area.

• Over 5 years that means your vehicle wrap will be seen 80 million people. This brings your cost per impression on a vehicle wrap down to about 5 cents. That means you pay 5 cents on average for every person that sees your wrap. To compare cost per impressions on vehicle wraps with other forms of advertising, check out our ROI page.

• Vehicle Wraps are a type of out-of-home advertising. But unlike billboards, vehicle wraps can move with your costumers; making vehicle wraps a very versatile and adaptable form of advertising. We have designed and printed vehicle wraps for all of Orlando's largest theme parks. We also design, print and install signs, trade show displays, graphics wraps, auto wraps, bus wraps, mobile billboards, car wraps, cut vinyl graphics, window graphics, banners and printed wall murals.

More About Our Signs, Banners, Trade show Displays

• We can manufacture a large variety of signs, banners and displays here at Shadow Graphics

• Our capabilities include custom routed signs and letters,

• Cut vinyl Signs

• Full Color Printed signs, banners, and displays

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