No matter if you are a business owner, or an individual just wanting to spice up your vehicle’s look. Everyone has one thing in common. We all want a good price for what we are buying. But how do you know that what you are buying is truly a good product? See the damages of other cheap wraps, then learn what you need to know.
Vehicle wraps don’t take care of themselves, and if the material is a cheaper quality, it will damage even more quickly. The value of your investment is lost so much quicker and the design you were using to advertise your business suddenly has become an eye sore. The vinyl will age and crack embedding itself into the paint of the vehicle. This could all have been completely avoided with the right high quality material and UV protectant overlam. The life of the wrap would have lasted much longer and your advertising dollar would have been properly used.

Once the old wrap is removed, years of glue and residue remain which have to be painstakingly removed, possibly damaging the paint. This makes for hours of removal making your final price go even higher just to get the old wrap removed. Once again, the right material and correct over-laminate, and much of this could have been easily averted.

In many cases, a cheap wrap will often embed itself into the paint of the vehicle, eating away at the finish and working its way down to the bare metal of the car. When this happens often times it will require a new paint job or sanding to flatten out the damaged areas leaving the paint of the vehicle permanently damaged, when wrapped a texture can often still be seen from those sanded areas depending on the level of damage.