3m bus wraps are your full size moving billboard. It goes where you go and it draws attention to you constantly. To not have a 3m bus wrap is to waste thousands of advertising dollars a month that could be pushing your business forward to more success and notoriety! A bus makes the perfect canvas because of its over-all flat sides, and with perforated materials from 3m, your design can go across the windows giving your patrons privacy and still allow them to see out. These wraps are constantly used by politicians and celebrities on their vans and is a proven method to get the attention you are looking for. A 3m bus wrap just makes sense, and we hope that Shadow Graphics will be your go-to graphics company that can help make your wrap a reality. We specialize in fleets of many kinds and varieties! We are certain that we can meet your needs and give you the design that will take your marketing to the next level. Want to see more of our designs, or keep up to date with our latest projects? You can find an article about fleets on our blog by “Clicking Here!” and of course, you can see more pictures over on our blog or Facebook Fan Page!
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Need something more simple than a full or partial wrap? Keep it simple with our quality cut vinyls! Great for getting your information out there in many different formats!