Shadow Graphics Facts


  • Not only do we print and install vehicle wraps here at Shadow Graphics; we also have a top notch design team that specializes in designs for vehicle wraps, signs, banners, and much more.
  • We are the only 3M USAG Certified installer in orlando that also designs and prints our vehicle wraps, signs, and banners in-house.
  • Our vehicle wrap designers are professionals that know how to design with every curve and obstacle in mind, making sure your vehicle wrap looks exactly like the design you approved.

  • Printing

  • Shadow Graphics’ vehicle wraps, signs, and banners are printed on state of the art printers that can offer warranties up to 7 years.
  • The inks we use in our state of the art printers are eco-friendly and make our vehicle wraps UV durable. Our vehicle wraps, signs, and banners are all printed in a climate controlled environment to ensure color, and quality consistency.
  • Most of our prints are covered with a protective over-laminate that extends their life up to 7 years. We have several kinds of over-laminates that we offer, luster, gloss, or matte.

  • Installation

  • Shadow Graphics has 3M certified installers.
  • Shadow Graphics’ installers go through rigorous training with 3M (the leading manufacturer of vehicle wrap and sign media) and are UASG members.
  • Shadow Graphics is also a certified PDAA Master Vehicle Wrap Installer. This means our vehicle wrap installers are trained to handle the complex curves of a PT Cruiser and install an 1800 square foot wall mural at 350 feet in the air on a NASA launch tower.
  • Shadow Graphics has a climate controlled bay to prevent environmental factors like rain and heat from affecting the vehicle wrap installation.