Shadow Graphics is known for vehicle wraps. It’s the first thing that comes to our client’s minds. We love that fact, and we want to add to it. We specialize in FLEETS! We are ready to take your fleet, no matter how many vehicles, no matter how many styles, we will give them a uniform look that will make you stand out on the road, get noticed, and bring you even more clients. Do you wear a uniform to make your company look more professional? So should your fleet.

A single logo can give a vehicle a completely different feel. That same logo on several different vehicles, even if they have different colors, adds uniformity. Thats a quick fix at a great price! We use only the best 3M materials and we have certified 3M installers that have gone through 3M’s training program to make sure that the job is done right the first time.
Do you have different models in your fleet? We can change the sizes of all your graphics so that it is consistent on each vehicle. Or we can make one standard size that can go on each of your vehicles.

It doesn’t matter what size vehicle you have. We have a state of the art, wide format printer ready to print off your graphics at almost any size!

We can custom tailor your design for every vehicle in your fleet. Even if they aren’t the same vehicle, we can make them look like a professional fleet ready for the road!

We work with fleets with over 700 vehicles! We can take care of your needs!